Custom Products

Colorado Silver Star can create and cast metal or German Silver object you might need. Here are a few examples of out custom work and the process used to create them.

Custom Examples


Your custom-made mold is stored so it can be used over and over.

Your mold is inspected and taken to production.

The mold is placed into the spin-casting machine.

The metal of choice (in this case pewter) is poured into the mold.

After the spinning process is complete, the metal casting is removed from the mold.

The casting is inspected.

Completed casting with rough edges.

The rough edges are removed with a coarse grinder.

The product is then given a completed edge with a fine-grinder.

Antique paint is applied.

The product is polished with a buffer to remove any excess paint and produce a shine.

The finished product – in this example, a label for a fire grill.